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Tatami Mat
Product introduction
How to Care
Tatami Layout
Washitsu (和室)
Mixed Water with Vinegar
Ratio: 1 Water : 1/3 Vinegar
Add a Table Spoon of Salt
The straw of your tatami can be cleaned from time to time with a wet cloth, beforehand dipped into some water soapy and with vinegar.
You can also vacuum on your tatami. Vacuum so to clear the floor of any dry material. Be careful not to scratch the mat. When vacuuming, slide the vacuum cleaner slowly along the grain of the tatami,
When something spills on it you soak it up with a towel.  Any contact with a big quantity of liquid would risk damage your tatami. If incident quickly wipe with a towel on your tatami. Aerate your tatami under the sun.
Tatami has a problem which can happen any time but tends to occur more often during season changes from dry to humid or humid to dry, the bugs are prone to inhabit tatami. This requires store-bought chemical interference with spray-type or smoke-type insecticides, which are sold in drugstores or supermarkets.
Aerate your tatami from time to time to protect its natural qualities.
When you open the door to your room take off your slippers before getting on to the TATAMI (straw mat floor) Do not walk on the TATAMI with your slippers. The TATAMI room is always tread upon barefoot or with your socks on and you can squat down on just lie down on it.
Avoid storing too long your tatami in a too wet or too hot place (against a radiator).
Tatami, like carpets, do not provide everlasting flooring. Periodically, they require replacing, that period depending on how much wear and tear they receive, but they should last for at least ten years
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